Zero Engineering Type 9 Motocycle

Technology developed for and tested in F1 racing often makes its way down to daily drivers. But motorcycles? The Zero Engineering Type 9 Motocycle ($TBA) is proof that what works on four ferociously fast-spinning wheels works on two as well, thanks to a F1-inspired multi-link suspension built from the ground up for a clean look and a superb ride. Other features include a S&S 96" Evo engine, a HD five-speed transmission, and the ability to customize everything from the pegs to the paint job, so your ride is as unique as you.

  • Lossa 1978 Yamaha SR 500 Motorcycle

    When it comes to motorcycles, old is the new black. Or something. Moving along, the Lossa 1978 Yamaha SR 500 Motorcycle ($TBA) is another modern adaptation of a two-wheeled classic, featuring a complete overhaul that includes all new wiring, a relocated battery, a GSXR front end, Brembo brakes in the front and rear, RD400 wheels, a host of custom pieces including the sprocket carrier, rear brake stay, intake manifold, and exhaust, a Binellu gas tank, and an aluminum swing arm, all polished off with a spiffy white/red/black paint job. [Scouted by Stacy]

  • Classified Moto XV920 Motorcycle

    You wouldn't expect a motorcycle from 1982 to look this good, but then again, the Classified Moto XV920 Motorcycle ($TBA) was made to blow away expectations. Based on a 1982 XV920R, this custom ride features new front- and rear-ends — from a YZF R6-R and R6-S, respectively — a custom front sprocket/spacer to cope with the increased offset of the rear sprocket and wheel, a new 180mm rear tire, top mounted hooligan bars, and a variety of pieces that've been stripped off in an effort to make it look less "nerdy." We think it worked.

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