Ziphius Aquatic Drone

Just because your name isn't James Cameron (explorer of the sea), doesn't mean you don't deserve to discover the ocean. And if you can't afford your own deep-water submersible, but still hear the call of the deep, the Ziphius Aquatic Drone ($245) might better fit your budget. With two powerful turbines, it can move across the water at speeds up to 6mph, for up to an hour, controlled entirely by an app on your tablet or smartphone. A 720p HD camera lets you capture video and photos, so you can record sailing, surfing, and swimming adventures, or stealthily observe life underwater.

  • Lego Star Wars Ewok Village

    Whether it's destroying Stormtroopers' speeder bikes, Leia kissing her brother, or the creepy celebration after the battle for the forest moon of Endor, you can bring your favorite Episode VI scenes to life with the Lego Star Wars Ewok Village ($250). This gigantic set (nearly 2,000 pieces) is full of surprises and treats for fans. It comes with 17 minifigs — including three never-before-seen Ewoks, and new looks for Luke and Leia — a catapult, speeder bike, plenty of lightsabers, blasters, and spears, and even a levitating throne for C-3PO. Expect the set in stores by September. Until then, we'll be watching Return of the Jedi on repeat.

  • B Remote-Controlled Flying Car

    With the ability to drive and fly, the B Remote-Controlled Flying Car/Helicopter ($560) can pretty much go anywhere. Its innovation lies in a patent-pending wheel and propeller design, which places each prop within the wheel. It can take off vertically, hover and fly, and return to the ground to continue driving. Durable polycarbonate construction means it can survive falls from the air and punishing terrain on the ground. A 720p on-board camera and 32G Micro SD card support makes this one capable reconnaissance vehicle. Now, if only they could figure out a way to make the battery last longer than 15 minutes a charge.

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