Heights Smart Probiotic

Heights is upgrading probiotics by taking them beyond gut health. Their new Smart Probiotic targets the gut-brain axis, delivering bacteria with 3-in-1 benefits. A healthy gut delivers better whole-body health, so the Smart Probiotic benefits your gut microbiome, mental well-being, and immunity. It supports digestion while improving mood, anxiety, sleep, and stress levels. It does so with a proven, high-impact formula, with a minimum of 20bn CFUs (aka live bacteria) of seven clinically studied strains, backed by over 380 scientific studies, in one daily capsule. While most other probiotics' bacteria die before reaching the gut, independent testing has shown that Heights's delayed-release technology delivers 33.7bn CFUs (170% of their minimum claim) of live bacteria to your colon. No other probiotic on the market can say that. As a bonus, each capsule is plant-based, non-GMO, formulated without fillers, binders, added sugars, soy, dairy, or artificial flavor agents, and there's no need to refrigerate. Get a probiotic that does more now with code UNCRATE at checkout for 15% off your first month.

Presented by Heights.

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