HoverSurf Hoverbike

We don't have the tech for Star Wars-style speeder bikes, but until that gets here, the HoverSurf Hoverbike is as close as you can get. Based in San Jose, HoverSurf's Hoverbike is an all-electric, four-rotor flying contraption made of carbon fiber and is controlled by a simple two joystick flight system. The Hoverbike qualifies as an ultralight under FAA rules and doesn't require a pilot's license — although you'll definitely want to take some training courses before you set off for the wild blue yonder. HoverSurf claims 13 miles of range and a top speed of around 40 MPH, with charge times of two and a half hours. HoverSurf is taking orders now, and a $10,000 deposit will get you a place in line for one now.

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