Light Phone 2

Improving upon the first Light Phone, The Light Phone 2 is an ideal choice for your second line, be it burner phone or simply a way to disconnect from the total distraction and addiction to social media our "smart" phones have become. It functions as a standalone phone as it's an unlocked, 4G LTE enabled device, but can also be paired to your main line if your carrier supports dual-SIM or similar functionality. It has a high-res E-Ink touchscreen that's only visible when you're using the phone, running a clean custom OS that allows for phone calls (complete with contact list), messaging, alarms, and can function as a hotspot for other devices. What you won't find are any social networking apps, gifs, ads, email, internet browsing, or anything else to pull you away from the world around you, and nor will the Light Phone 2 ever support those functions. It comes in the only color you need (black) and in a spec for North America or for International users. It's an unlocked 4G LTE phone and will work with a SIM card and basic plan from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket, or Mobile PCS in the United States, or Light's own service plan for $30 per month for unlimited talk, standard texting, and SIM card if you're in the United States. If you're outside the U.S., check here for which version you need and which carriers support Light Phone 2 in your region. While the Light Phone 2 will never support social media and the addiction that comes with it, future software updates are set to include functions for a calculator, basic navigation, and select music services as the device does have a real headphone jack in addition to Bluetooth.

Dimensions: 4.75" Tall / 2.25" Wide / 0.35" Thick

Charging & Battery: Included mirco-USB charging cable / 950mAh battery / 1 to 3 Day Battery Life

Messaging: SMS compatibly with Group Messaging function

As Seen In Uncrate Issue 05

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