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Process: Harry's

Early this year, just after we decided to do a collaboration with Harry's, the quirky startup taking on the shaving industry, the 9-month-old company did something rather stunning — they bought a 93-year-old razor factory in Germany for $100 million. Overnight, Harry's became the only company that can take in raw steel, and about a week later, deliver a finished razor to your doorstep. Gillette and Schick weren't laughing at the new kid on the block any longer.

Located in Eisfeld, on the old East-West Germany border, and about an hour north of Nuremberg, Harry's Feintechnik factory employs over 400 people. It operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, on a 3-shift schedule. So it's no surprise the factory produces over 1.2 billion blades every year. The day we visited, the entire factory had switched over to making the all-black Uncrate cartridges. The surprisingly secretive setup is a balanced mix of futuristic technology and old-world tools and know-how.

Whenever you start with grinding raw steel, your manufacturing process isn't going to be an easy one. It involves an endless list of steps, requires everyone from engineers to floor workers, and includes stations for everything from microscopes to packaging. The great thing about all of it is that Harry's is committed to delivering a high-quality shaving line at a great price. They're not looking for ways to add a lubricating, vibrating, spinning sprocket to their razors.

Above are select shots from our trip to Harry's Feintechnik factory, featuring our all-black blade cartridges. Our thanks to the team working on that hot day. They were friendly and helpful. Even with a looming USA vs. Germany World Cup match.

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