Varjo Mixed Reality Headset

Virtual Reality has thus far fallen short of the hype, and a big reason for that is resolution — most rigs resolve just 1/100 of what your eye can see. The Varjo Mixed Reality Headset promises to solve that by mimicking how your own eyes work. A pair of 0.7-inch, Full HD Sony-sourced MicroOLED displays, offering 3,000 pixel-per-inch density, are magnified to fill up roughly a 20-degree field of view. Using eye tracking, a mirror shifts to move this hyper-clear image to wherever you're looking, while the rest of the screen is depicted on a traditional display in the background. The company hopes to get early access kits out to select partners later this year, and has an "XR" kit, with cameras on the front to create realistic mixed reality experiences, slated for release in 2019.

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