All Eyez on Me

Tupac Shakur's career was cut far too short, but the mark he left on hip-hop was massive. Over 20 years after his death in an unsolved Las Vegas drive-by shooting, Tupac still casts a long shadow over a genre he helped bring to the masses. All Eyez on Me tells the story of Tupac's life, from his early childhood in New York, his breakout solo record Me Against the World, and his legendary feud with fellow rap great Notorious B.I.G. the film comes to theaters June 16, 2017.

  • A Bad Lip Reading of The Force Awakens

    Chewie has a voice. Thanks to this bad lip reading of the latest edition in the Star Wars franchise, his inherent Wookiee moans are replaced with actual words and we finally get to hear what the big guy sounds like. And since Luke Skywalker didn't have a ton of screen time or lines in the film, Mark Hamill switches up roles and does some adlibbing for Han Solo.

  • How YouTube Pays Content Creators

    We'd all like to create the next viral video and watch those YouTube advertising dollars start rolling in. It seems like a magical process: You create the content, advertisers pay for the ads, YouTube puts the two together, and you start getting checks in your bank account. For those who are a little more curious about exactly how that happens, CGP Grey explains how YouTube's algorithms connect videos, advertisers, and what slice of the pie a content reator can expect to get.

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