Forging the Fast Food Knife

A beer-quenched blade with a handle of fries and bacon. It's America in the palm of your hand. Steve at Green Beetle created his own steel from iron and Tums that became the blade of this epic knife, and spent more time than was necessary to make the handles. See how he did it in this how-to video, and then try making your own.

  • Rock Band

    You literally couldn't get any more rock than this. The Rube Goldberg of bands, this automated system uses a computer, MIDI, rocks, pleather, solenoids, and stepper motors to cover the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun". Also included is a list of the band members, with each contraption getting its own credit in the description.

  • Wes Anderson Masterclass at Arte Cinema

    Wes Anderson recently took part in a question and answer session at Arte Cinema as part of a video masterclass. The director covers a lot of ground about his influences — Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, François Truffaut — and how the director of a film could be as big a star as the actors. Anderson also gave a few sparse details about his upcoming film Isle of Dogs, a stop-motion animation due sometime in 2018.

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