How To Survive The Apocalypse

If the apocalypse arrives and you forgot to stockpile 20 years worth of SPAM, you're in luck — Asap Science has some scientific tips for survival. From finding water, lighting a fire. and what you should and shouldn't eat, it's a good way to get started on reviving society. Just don't forget to write it down.

  • Pacific Rim Uprising

    The war is far from over. Now, ten years since the Battle of the Breach, the Kaiju have returned and it's up to a new generation of Jaeger piolets to save the world. Lead by John Boyega and Scott Eastwood, the Steven S. DeKnight-directed sequel is slated for release March 23, 2018.

  • Replicas

    Scientist William Foster is on the verge of a breakthrough — transferring human consciousness into a computer. When his family killed in a car crash, he and an another scientist secretly clone the bodies and bring them back. But Foster faces a harrowing choice when he realizes he can only resurrect three of his four family members. Replicas stars Keanu Reeves and is slated for a 2018 release.

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