Hyperloop One

The future of transportation is almost here. During its latest test run in the Nevada desert, Hyperloop One reached a top speed of 192 miles-per-hour, crushing its previous run but still not reaching their 250-mile-per-hour goal. While the Hyperloop still has a ways to go before it can transport passengers at commercial airline speeds, the company seems to be moving in the right direction.

  • Bodied

    A graduate student picks battle rap for his thesis and generates outrage when he crosses political and cultural lines in what quickly becomes an obsession. Eminem makes another foray into film as producer of the comedy Bodied, due for release September 7, 2017.

  • On/Off

    On/Off films four skateboarders in Berlin, switching back and forth between day and night to the beat of a track by electronic musician Petit Fantôme. 
Part of the How Many BPM?, On/Off was filmed by Youri Fernandez, who also skates in the video.

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