Life and Size

Size. It determines more about living things than nearly any other measurable factor. Kurzgesagt demonstrates this in most illustrative way possible — by throwning animals off of a tall building.

  • Kayaking Inside an Abandoned Ship

    An easy kayak cruise turned into an epic adventure when a man found his way inside an abandoned ship. The spooking interior looks like it's been completely gutted or at least rotted away, and the sound of water dripping and lapping of the steel inside is almost creepy.

  • Art, Science, and LAIKA Studios

    LAIKA Studios specializes in traditional stop-motion animation — but combines that with modern CGI effects and technology like 3D printing. A packed roster of talented artists seamlessly combines traditional techniques and modern movie making processes to create an experience unlike any other. Watch the people behind LAIKA describe the creative and practical process behind their work in this short.

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