Mark Zuckerberg Builds Jarvis

Having Morgan Freeman as your in-home assistant, whipping you t-shirts and playing your favorite movies, sounds like a dream. We'll leave it to Mark Zuckerberg to make it a reality. The Facebook founder created his own AI to run his home through an app on his phone and computer. As well as controlling your lights, thermostat, appliances, and security, Jarvis even begins to pick up on your tastes and patterns, keeping your ears safe from unbearable music choices. Unfortunately, Zuckerberg is keeping this all to himself for the time being, but hopes to eventually make it available to the world.

  • Turkish Star Wars

    Hollywood isn't the only place in the world that makes movies. While it might be the gold standard for film, other countries have made their own interpretations of Hollywood classics. One of the most legendary — and for years, long-lost — remakes is the Turkish version of Star Wars. Film preservationist and historian Ed Glaser talks about his search for the film and restoring it to all its campy glory.

  • Stung by a Bullet Ant

    If you were wondering why it's called the bullet ant, it's because its sting has been compared to being shot. But being the most painful insect in the insect kingdom isn't enough to stop Coote from Brave Wilderness from giving it a try. After warming up with several other extremely painful stings, Coyote bites the bullet — literally — and experiences it for himself.

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