Pricing a Star Destroyer

So you're in the market for a space-faring capital ship capable of planetary bombardment and launching a wing of TIE fighters. You know it can be built, but need a cost estimate. Generation Tech has you covered. They worked up how much it would run you in Earth money to buy that Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, perfect for crushing Rebel scum near you.

  • Everything

    Imagine a game where you can be. . . everything. Everything is that game. From the sun or planet or birds to blade of grass, parasite, bacterium, or even a strand of DNA, there isn't anything you can't be in Everything. David O'Reilly's dreamlike vision of size and scale is available on multiple platforms now. Learn more here.

  • Let Me Make You A Martyr

    Two adopted siblings in love with each other. One abusive father. A plan for the ultimate revenge — killing him. Marilyn Manson, Mark Boone Junior, and Sam Quartin star in Let Me Make You A Martyr, in limited release May 25 and on streaming platforms June 6, 2017.

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