Seven Generations of the 911

Porsche recently celebrated a milestone as the one millionth 911 rolled off the assembly line on May 11, 2017. The iconic shape of the 911 is unmistakable, being able to trace its ancestry from today's platform to the original 1963 model. Watch the 911 evolve over its seven generations without forgetting what made it great.

  • The Earth is Round

    It's a sad day when you have to make a video explaining that the world isn't flat. While flat-earthers haven't taken over science, the wonder of the Internet means that lots of half-brained theories have a platform to reach a far larger audience than they should. The selfless crew at Life Noggin took upon themselves to fight the good fight, and offer the scientific proof of our spherical planet.

  • If Every Human Were Alive Today

    The dead outnumber the living by about 11 to 1. The current population of Earth is estimated at about 7.5 billion people. So what would happen if those 108 billion dead people were suddenly alive? Real Life Lore answers the biggest questions behind a very interesting thought experiment.

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