Test Drive

Continuing their foray into dressing superstar athletes like average folks and dumping them into the world to surprise unsuspecting members of society, Pepsi MAX disguises NASCAR veteran Jeff Gordon as a minivan-driving soccer dad to give a used car salesman the ride of his life.

  • Dad Hacks Donkey Kong

    Unable to look at the disappointment on his three-year-old daughter's face, one kick-ass dad stayed up all night to hack the Donkey Kong ROM so Paulette could be the lead character. After hours of redrawing frames and swapping palettes, daddy's little girl can happily play the heroine while Mario gets to do the distressing for a change.

  • The Pain of Electricity

    It's an AC/DC showdown when Mehdi Sadaghdar electrocutes himself over and over again to test which electrical current is more painful. Yeah, science!

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