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Percussionist Greg Ellis has a problem with music. The mechanization of music, starting with the modern metronome in over 200 years ago, has robbed it of its soul. With tools like computers and the ability to sample or autotune anything and make it perfect, the nuance and artistry of music are being lost. In interviews with some of the best percussionists in the world, Greg Ellis is out to make the case against soulless sounds.

  • Eagle Prime

    It's ready. A 430 hp Chevy LS3 V8, tank treads, one giant claw, one double-barrelled paintball gun, and seating for two — America's entry in the Giant Robot Duel is here. Watch Eagle Prime as it drifts around a slalom course, busts through a barricade, and test fires it's weapon. The upcoming duel against Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries is almost here, and it looks like America is ready.

  • Video



    Narcos / Season 3

    The King is dead. While Pablo Escobar's name might be scratched off the DEA's list, another cartel will rise to fill the void. Season three of Narcos follows the ascension of the Cali cartel and the effort to take them down. Narcos returns September 1, 2017 to Netflix.

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