The Intern Who Wrote Windows Solitare

No one knows how much lost time and productivity Wes Cherry has cost employers. In 1988, as an intern for Microsoft, Wes wrote Solitare — the game that came bundled with the Windows OS. In a stroke of cosmic irony, Wes created the game for the same reason millions of people played it in the office — sheer boredom.

  • Building an iPhone From Scratch

    In China, there are entire markets devoted to cell phone parts — not surprising when nearly every component is manufactured and assembled there. Formerly a programmer from Silicon Valley, Scotty of Strangeparts wondered if he could build an iPhone 6S from parts found at the market. It took a while to finish, but finish he did — with a working iPhone made from about $300 in second-hand and refurbished components.

  • Mongolian Eagle Hunting

    For thousands of years, the native peoples of the Eurasian steppes have practiced the art of hunting with eagles. In the winter months, the primary prey is foxes — the golden fur more visible against the snow-covered terrain. Entrepreneur Sam Cossman traveled to Mongolia to train with Kairat Khan, a Mongolian eagle master. During his time with Kairat, Sam realized that modern technology can't compete with an ancient mastery.

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