The Internet of Sh**t

In a world where everything from your lightbulb to your water bottle can be connected to the internet, eventually, enough is enough. A wifi antenna doesn't make something smart — and often just makes it more of a pain to use than the "dumb" version. This spot for Swedish tech company Semcon reminds us that being smart doesn't mean simply being connected — it has to be usable by humans too.

  • Breaking in the Bronx

    In the 1970s, DJ Kool Herc began isolating the break while playing music at block parties in New York's Bronx. That inspired a new genre of dance — breaking. Those 80s images of the b-boys and b-girls breaking on the city sidewalks still happen, but most of the breaking occurs at competitions where cash is king. Vox looks at the origins of breaking and how it evolved over the last 40 years.

  • The Northernmost Town in America

    Barrow, Alaska. Where the sun never sets and sometimes never rises, the ground is frozen all year round, and it snows in the summer. For much of the year, the only way in or out is via plane — and a plane especially designed for serving towns like Barrow. So how did Barrow come to be at all? Wendover Productions went to the second most northern city in the world to find out.

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