The Tick

Pour a bowl of Drama Flakes and get your "Spooooooon!" ready — Amazon's series The Tick arrives August 25, 2017. The superhero with no origin story — at least that he can remember — needs some brains to go along with his brawn, and accountant Arthur is the man for the job. Maybe.

  • Atomic Blonde Fight Training

    If you're going to play a lethal assassian, you're going to have to fight like one. Charlize Theron did just that while preparing for her role as MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton. In this Atomic Blonde featurette, Theron, dierctor David Leitch, and stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave reveal the intese training that went down to create the fight choregraphy for the film. More impressive than that, she did all of the stunts herself.

  • Hidden Oil Patterns of Bowling Lanes

    One of the most important things to a bowler is something you can't even see — the pattern of oil that protects the wood of the lane. The PBA uses specific patterns for tournaments, and correctly assessing the pattern can be the difference between winning and losing. Vox and Parker Bohn III look at oil patterns and how even an amateur like you can improve your game by understanding them.

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