Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler Autocorrect Interview

Things you didn't know but know now — Amy Poehler is actually Jack Black and the sister of Louis C.K. Will Ferrell was born in a Cancer and was born in 1980. The internet might ask silly questions, but Will and Amy have the serious answers in this autocorrect interview with WIRED magazine.

  • Starcraft Remastered

    Start constructing those additional pylons. Blizzard Entertainment is re-releasing the game of galactic combat that put South Korea on the map: Starcraft Remasted. The game that created esports is getting a total makeover in 4k UHD, but everything is else is staying the same. Single player campaigns, expansions and the best multiplayer RTS in history are all returning intact. Practice getting that APM up, as Starcraft Remastered is out August 14, 2017.

  • How Kendrick Lamar Collaborates

    Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Kanye and Jay-Z. Eminem and Dr. Dre. The hip-hop world is full of great musical collaborations. Kendrick Lamar is no exception, although his collaborations come in a visual form. Using his latest music video "Element", Evan Puschak breaks down the visuals through his directorial collaborations with photographers Jonas Lindstroem and Gordon Parks.

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