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Bose CineMate Soundbar System

Bose CineMate Soundbar System

It's not exactly audiophile-grade equipment, but Bose's stuff is legendary for its ear-pleasing audio and retina-pleasing styling — which is exactly the combination you want in a soundbar. The Bose CineMate Soundbar System ($1,500) doesn't disappoint in this regard, offering up full simulated surround sound from a sleek bar that knows if it's mounted against a wall or on a table, and adjusts the audio accordingly, as well as a wireless subwoofer to give everything from music to explosions the added punch they need. [Scouted by Reed]

  • Roth KRadio

    Shiny black plastic? Check. iPhone/iPod dock? Check. Ability to explain the "k" in its name? Okay, so the Roth KRadio (£200; roughly $330) can't do everything, but it can give you access to thousands of Internet radio stations thanks to an Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi, playback music from your iPhone or iPod while it charges, hook up to DAB and DAB+ stations in Europe, wake you and your significant other up on time thanks to twin alarms, and even tune in "old time" radio with its FM tuner — and that's good enough for us. [via]

  • Pioneer Elite SC-57 Receiver

    Never mind the fact that it's quite a chore just to find 7.2-channel content for your high-end home theater — the Pioneer Elite SC-57 Receiver ($2,000) is ready to up the ante with a completely unnecessary 140 watts over nine channels, making it a 9.2-channel beast. Features include the ability to use those nine channels in one of ten configurations, a new Class D3 amplifier — "the most powerful amplifier of any multi-channel A/V receiver in the industry," according to the company — THX Ultra 2 Plus and AIR Studios Monitor Certification, HDMI switching, and AirPlay support so you can stream your music straight from your iPad or iPhone, no wires required.


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