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Confederate Renovatio Concept Motorcycle

Confederate Renovatio Concept Motorcycle

Even crazier than Confederate's Wraith motorcycle, the Renovatio (Latin for "Rebirth") concept sports a minimalist-industrial look that lacks a traditional frame and puts everything out on display like a drunk stripper. But it doesn't just look like a Satan-approved machine, it's got all the evil power you could ever need — 150 hp standard or 190 hp supercharged, thanks to its water-cooled V-twin engine that's derived from the Corvette's LS7 V8.

  • Can-Am Spyder

    Part motorcycle, part roaster, part four-wheeler — that's what comes to mind after one look at the 2008 Can-Am Spyder ($TBA). That, and "damn, that thing's sexy." Powered by a 990cc V-Twin engine, the Spyder also features a vehicle stability system that includes anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control systems. Its Y-architecture gives it a unique look with two wheels in the front and one in the rear, but it also brings into question whether or not you'll need a motorcycle license — best to make sure before taking a test drive. [Thanks, Jon]

  • Ecosse Heretic Ti

    You may not be able to go in and whip a bar full of bikers, but ride up on this and know that your bike can kick their bikes' asses. The Ecosse Heretic Ti ($140,000) is an absolute beast of a bike, with a titanium chassis, 120ci, 135hp engine, carbon fiber body work, carbon fiber wheels, Ohlins Suberbike Gas forks, and a six-speed overdrive transmission. Sure, you could feed a small third-world village for years with that much money, but that won't do you any good when you're running from an angry mob of Hell's Angels.


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