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Playboy December 1953 Reprint

Playboy December 1953 Reprint

They're going for upwards of two grand on eBay, but you can get an exact, Marilyn-rific reproduction for a lot less. The Playboy December 1953 Reprint ($25) lets you own the first issue of Playboy ever, with every article, advertisement and photograph — including Ms. Monroe as the centerfold — just as the original was sold over half a century ago. There's only 20,000 copies of this replica printed, so you might want to hurry.

  • The Sports Book

    Despite many guys' love of sports, invariably some go misunderstood as we bask in the glories of our professional sports heroes. The Sports Book ($24) names itself "The definitive guide to every sport," and it doesn't disappoint. Containing rules and game-winning strategies for more than 200 sports, it will help you become a more well-rounded sports buff, and will no doubt lead to some winning bets over the rules of synchronized swimming when Beijing '08 rolls around.

  • Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends

    You're never too old to give your buddies a scare or to impress a young lady with a killer trick. Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends ($10) includes 50 "rude, sick, and mind-blowing stunts" that will surely get you some attention. The book provides step-by-step directions to show you how to resurrect dead flies, swallow table knives, cut off your thumbs with scissors, and many more glamourous tricks.


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