LSTN Troubadour Headphones

Great sound, a sophisticated look, and the support of a great cause. You get all that and more with the Troubadour Headphones from LSTN. Each pair is made using reclaimed, authentic wood casing, with your choice of zebra, ebony, beech wood, or cherry wood finishes. Throw in great looking triangular shaped plush earcups, an in-line microphone, and a metal adjustable band and you'd think sound might be an afterthought — but instead you get a fully balanced and distortion free listening experience. Each pair of handcrafted headphones is as unique as the cause it helps to support, as LSTN helps restore hearing to people around the world that would otherwise live in silence, a gift given to over 20,000 people so far with a contribution to the Starkey Hearing Foundation for each pair sold.

Presented by LSTN.

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