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Epic Nerf Gun Mods

From 200 MPH darts to shooting flames, Peter Sripol has a lock on modding Nerf guns. His latest project adds a built in compressor to significantly up the projectile velocity and can conveniently be re-purposed as a flamethrower. Peter takes you thorugh the modding and testing process step-by-step in his latest video.

  • Douglas Trumbull on 2001's VFX

    Douglas Trumbull landed the job of Visual Effects Supervisor on 2001: A Space Odyessy after cold-calling Stanley Kubrick about the position. Douglas would go on to create effects in 2001 that would help to launch the modern era of sci-fi films. In his own words, Douglas describes what it was like to work with the legendary director on a landmark film.

  • Fast & Furious Cars Explained

    Dennis McCarthy knows more about the cars of the Fast & Furious franchise than anyone else — he's the guy that built them. From heavily-modded icons like Dom's 1970 DadgeCharger R/T to one-off total custom builds like the Flip Car, Dennis has made some of the best Hollywood vehicles over eight films. Dennis sat down with WIRED to talk about some of the most memorable cars and how they were made.