Bringing Color to Historical Photos

Brazilian artist Marina Amaral combines a love of history and a deep set of Photoshop skills to bring historical photographs the colors they might have captured. Much more than just a brushing over with color, Marina begins the process with thorough research, using the archives of the Library of Congress and other resources to create an accurate pallette for each photo. The restorations and colorizations can take upwards of a month each, going through the image pixel-by-pixel.

  • 360° Wingsuit Racing

    If it moves, someone is going to see who can get across a line before someone else. In the skies above the Arizona desert, the Red Bull Aces fly through a floating slalom course in teams of four. This year, the races follow the action from 8,000 feet above the ground in 360° video.

  • The Moderators

    This short film contains graphic images. Facebook, dating sites, forums — moderators are keeping watch over all of it. With an estimated 150,000 people employed in scrubbing offensive content from the web's social media and other sites, more people work in this area of the tech sector than any other. Field of Vision follows a group of new recruits at a firm in India that scrolls through 2,000 pictures per employee per hour, weeding out what doesn't meet the guidelines — and alerting authorities when the images depict illegal acts.

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