360° Wingsuit Racing

If it moves, someone is going to see who can get across a line before someone else. In the skies above the Arizona desert, the Red Bull Aces fly through a floating slalom course in teams of four. This year, the races follow the action from 8,000 feet above the ground in 360° video.

  • Cassini's Grand Finale

    20 years ago, the Cassini spacecraft left Earth on a journey to Saturn. The probe has explored Saturn's icy moons, sending back evidence of the building blocks for life and diving between the planet and its famous rings. But now, Cassini's mission is almost over. It's running out of fuel, and to protect the purity of Saturn's moons, Cassini will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere and burn itself up in a spectacular end to a successful mission.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II

    After Electronic Arts' disappointing 2015 reboot of the Battlefront franchise, they're ready to try again. The official trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II shows that the sequel has what the first game lacked — a storyline and an actual single-player campaign. As the Empire's Stormtroopers witness the destruction of the Death Star, the question is: What happens next? With playable characters from four different Star Wars eras and the best part of any Star Wars game, massive space battles, this installment in the Battlefront series looks like a much-needed improvement.

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