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Star Wars: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

A rebel, a mother, a princess. At the 2017 Star Wars Celebration, Disney officially paid their dues to the woman who helped launch the biggest franchise in Hollywood history. Archival footage, recent interviews, and words from cast and crew past and present remember the woman who showed that princesses don't have to sit around waiting for a man to come rescue them.

  • Is the European Union Worth Saving?

    With the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union last year, the future of a unified Continent has become unclear. The benefits of the Union — trade, health care, and travel between member nations — are clear. But the opaque political process and immigrant crisis have outweighed the advantages in recent years. Kurzgesagt looks at the history of the EU, what it was designed to accomplish, and whether keeping it around is worth the headache.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II

    After Electronic Arts' disappointing 2015 reboot of the Battlefront franchise, they're ready to try again. This leaked trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II hints that the sequel might have what the first game lacked — namely, a storyline and an actual single-player campaign. Other interesting features include playable characters from four different Star Wars eras and the undeniably best part of any Star Wars game: massive space battles.