1939 Porsche Type 64 Coupe

A Porsche is one of the most unmistakeable cars on the planet. The silhouette, engineering, and legendary racing prowess are second to none, even when compared that Italian rival that insists on painting all its cars red. If you could trace the history of Porsche back to one car, all roads would lead to the 1939 Type 64. Built for a race that never happened, the Type 64 used the same engine and chassis as the Volkswagen Type 1 — what we know as the Beetle — but with very different aluminum bodywork. Everything is there, from the rear engine chassis to the headlights and sloping profile that make it instantly recognizable, hailing the Type 64 as the missing link between the Beetle and the post-WWII 356. Three Type 64s were built, and this, the third, was kept by Dr. Porsche as a family car. Only four people have owned this Type 64, and it is still in incredibly original condition. The most historically significant Porsche in existence, it crosses the block at Monterey this August.

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