Al Capone's Bulletproof 1928 Cadillac Sedan

Long before politicians and Middle Eastern royals or high-profile business moguls and celebrities made armored cars almost a must-have accessory among the wealthy, there was Al Capone's 1928 Cadillac. Only the Standard of the World would do for the notorious Chicago gangster, and in Capone's line of work, developing bulletproof transportation was almost a necessity. Ownership aside, the car has extensive documentation since leaving Capone's ownership. Of special note is Richard "Cappy" Capstran, who related his connection to the car. The sedan was brought into his father's shop by Capone's men for the bulletproof conversion. His father told them that he didn't do that kind of work, he was told that he did, in fact, do it as of that moment. Capstran remembers the asbestos-wrapped steel plates being installed and seeing bullets lodged in them from testing. Probably the most interesting celebrity car on the market, this Cadillac also has an important place as one of the first armored cars in history.

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