1963 Mini Cooper S Race Car

There are plenty of other '60s-era Minis around. But few of them have a racing pedigree. And even fewer were driven by a woman. This 1963 Mini Cooper S Race Car was, with Maria Graça Moura Relvas winning the 1965 Grande Rally Benfica behind the wheel, making full use of the 1071 cc engine and four-speed gearbox. The car was later sold to Nelson De Moura of De Moura steering wheels, who outfitted one of his own in the car, and has been featured in multiple magazines. Now presented as raced in 1964, with the correct paint and patina, it's one of the finest Cooper S examples of its era.

  • Rimac Concept One

    The Rimac Concept One is a special vehicle, and not just because it's among the rare concepts that become production cars. It's special because it's being dubbed the first all-electric hypercar. Thanks to a quartet of permanent magnet electric motors, one for each wheel, it has a total output of 1088 hp, good for a 0-62 time of 2.6 seconds and the ability to reach 186 mph in just 14.2 seconds. Handling is helped along by the central location of the motors, allowing for perfect weight distribution and a low center of gravity, while the carbon-ceramic braking system helps slow things down when necessary and the luxurious interior keeps you comfortable as the scenery flies by.

  • Pagani Huayra BC

    The Huayra was already a speedy beast of a machine. The Pagani Huayra BC is just speedier. With the BC, the company has managed to massage 789 hp from the twin-turbo 6.0L V12 engine, and paired it with a brand-new seven-speed automatic that cuts shift times in half while also weighing less. Indeed, lighter weight was also a goal for the car, as it's nearly 300 lbs. lighter than the "standard" model, thanks to upgrades like a new titanium exhaust system, lighter Brembo brakes, custom forged wheels, and a revised, more aerodynamic body made from an all-new composite material that's 50 percent lighter yet 20 percent stronger than carbon fiber.

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