2012 Ford Focus ST

We've long envied the Europeans for their non-sucky, rally-inspired sport editions of the Focus, and now we finally get one of our own. Although labeled an "early preview model," the 2012 Ford Focus ST ($TBA) you see here is no doubt close to what we'll see on showroom floors, with a sporty, aggressive body, oversized grille, four doors plus a hatch, and a 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost engine good for 247 horsepower, or more than enough to let you see what we've been missing.

  • BMW 6 Series Concept

    Unlike some concepts that are pie-in-the-sky creations, unlikely to ever see the light of day outside of the world's auto shows, the BMW 6 Series Concept ($TBA) most definitely represents the company's next high-end coupe. The new design features an upright double kidney grill, new curves, LED headlamps, a redesigned cabin with driver-focused controls and a waterfall-like element connecting the dash and the center console, and plenty of creature comforts.

  • Mercedes-Benz F800 Style

    It takes some real balls to put "Style" right in the name of your car, and despite its shark-that-ran-head-first-into-a-wall front end, the Mercedes-Benz F800 Style ($TBA) has it in spades. Still a concept at this point, the F800 boasts a ton of predictably high-end technology, including a plug-in hybrid drive system that pairs a 300 hp V6 gasoline engine with a 109 hp hybrid module for a total of 409 hp, a seven-speed transmission, a new multi-function display concept and touchpad-equipped interface, a new Distronic Plus Traffic Jam Assistant feature that basically drives the car for you in heavy traffic under 25 mph, rear pivot-and-slide doors, and plenty of LED lighting. [Thanks, Joey]

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