3-Ingredient Cocktails

You don't need a bunch of components to make a good drink. Most of the time, you just need three. In 3-Ingredient Cocktails: An Opinionated Guide to the Most Enduring Drinks in the Cocktail Canon longtime cocktail and spirit editor Robert Simonson walks you through some of his favorite libations. The book's 75 recipes are organized by the style of drink, covering beverages both classic and contemporary, accompanied by outstanding full-color photographs and amusing asides.

  • Universe

    We're still a long way from getting to explore the stars first-hand. Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World might be the next best thing. This compilation of 300 images includes photos, paintings, sculptures, and other works either depicting or inspired by the mysterious objects in the sky. Each one is paired with an informative caption, giving you both knowledge and enjoyment.

  • When Sex Was Safe

    For a time, auto racing was the most dangerous sport in the world. And while it is still risky, from the 1930s up through the early 1980s, go-fast technology far outpaced safety. Basics that we take for granted like safety harnesses, roll bars, fire-proof suits, and full-face helmets were novelties and even disregarded by drivers up through the 1950s. The Automobilist's When Sex Was Safe revisits the time when just stepping into a racing vehicle meant potentially losing your life, with 253 pages of history and stunning, hyper-realistic artwork that captures the daring and bravado of racing's Golden Age.

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