Arctic Force Snowball Blaster

Step up your winter snow sports game with the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster ($30) — capable of making and launching the perfect snowball. This blaster is the ideal tool for when the weather turns white and the competition gets serious, thanks to its removable and reversible built-in snowball maker. Able to make three snowballs at a time, the blaster can launch a snowball up to 80 feet at high velocity (much farther than you ever could with your own hands). The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, carry, and fire, while its blue, white, and orange design is well-suited to your winter get-up.

  • Ron Burgundy Lego Minifigure

    America's most beloved mustachioed newscaster seems to be everywhere of late, and now he's been immortalized in the form of everyone's favorite toy. The limited edition Ron Burgundy Lego Minifigure ($20), while not an official Lego product, is pad printed on genuine Lego parts, and features everything you love about the highest rated man in news. From his unmistakeable burgundy suit, to his magnificent 'stache, to his well-coifed hair, right down to his bottle of scotch — they got every detail exactly right.

  • Ralph Lauren Bond Game Set

    Given the name, you might think the Ralph Lauren Bond Game Set ($4,995) has something to do with 007 — and it does, if you consider that you need secret agent-level funds to purchase it. The set also shares with Fleming's creation a knack for style, as it's built from walnut and carbon-fiber leather, with game pieces made with polished and black powder-coated nickel. It's guaranteed to be the fanciest game of solitaire, chess, checkers, backgammon, or tic-tac-toe you've ever played.

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