Biltwell Gringo Helmet

Who says you can't look cool and still ride safely? The guys at Biltwell make both possible with the Gringo Helmet ($150). This motorcycle helmet is styled simply without sacrificing any of the necessary safety features. An injection-molded ABS outer shell and EPS inner shell protect that precious brain of yours, while several color options keep you looking good (available in flat black and titanium, gloss black, orange, and white). Snaps let you attach a bubble shield to protect your eyes, but we think a pair of goggles will suit you better.

  • Honda Grom

    Somewhere between the dirt bike and the full-size motorcycle lies the Honda Grom ($3,000 and up). Fun for experienced riders but small enough to be handled by first-timers, the Grom features a 125cc fuel-injected engine paired to a four-speed transmission, a low 29.7-inch seat, a curb weight of just 225 pounds, 12-inch 10-spoke wheels, hydrailic disc brakes, and an LED taillight and projector-style headlamp. It's not going to win any races (against other bikes, at least), but it'll get you where you need to go, let you have some fun while you're en route, and virtually guarantees a parking spot once you get there. What's not to like about that? [Scouted by Jon]

  • Chak Molot Motorcycle

    There's no denying that riding bikes is a blast, but there's also no arguing against the fact that they're about as dangerous as a vehicle can be. The Chak Molot Motorcycle ($75,000) (based on a 2013 Honda CBR 1000RR ABS with some pretty heavy modifications) takes huge strides to make riding much safer. The improvements start with the lights — replacing ordinary incandescents with brighter and more responsive LEDs that make you much more visible. Predictive emergency braking technology combined with ABS allows the bike to alert the rider to potential hazards, stop automatically if necessary, all without losing control. Additionally, it features blind spot monitoring, a gyroscope-controlled engine cut-off system, and lighter, stronger construction for improved responsiveness and durability in a crash.

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