Boxed Water Is Better

Boxed Water Is Better

A lot of companies are talking about "going green" these days, but here's one that's actually doing it. Boxed Water Is Better ($TBD) discovered that it was actually kinder to the environment to box rather than bottle the water. Turning to the century old milk-style beverage container for inspiration, 90% of the boxes are made from renewable resources, shipped flat, and filled on-demand with great tasting water. And you can feel even better knowing that 20% of Boxed's profits are spent on planting new trees and creating new forests. Plus, the black-text on white-background boxes will look cool in your fridge, like something out of the Dharma Initiative.

  • Monkey Picked Tea

    We haven't sampled this rare tea yet, but anything that's hand-picked by monkeys has to be good. Loaded with antioxidants, Monkey Picked Tea ($25) is, as the name implies, picked by specially trained monkeys in a remote Chinese village.

  • Brawndo

    The Thirst Mutilator is making the jump from the big screen to your local 7-Eleven. As you'll recall, Brawndo was the sports drink that replaced water, even for crop irrigation (it's got what plants crave!), in Mike Judge's cult hit Idiocracy. Well, starting next week, you too will be able to spurn water and start your own dependency on Brawndo ($TBA). True to its movie roots, the lemon-lime energy drink is bright green "with a smooth tangy flavor" and 200 mg of caffeine, electrolytes, inositol and guarana. We're not sure if this is really awesome or really sad. But either way, the future is coming. And it doesn't look smart. [via]

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