Brain Toniq

Brain Toniq

Coffee not cutting it? Red Bull taste too much like urine (don't ask)? There is an alternative. With over two years (that's more than 24 months for those of you counting at home) of research, Brain Toniq ($54/24-pack) was developed to revolutionize the world of energy drinks. It's actually so revolutionary that it doesn't even include caffeine, instead boasting ingredients like Choline, Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, DMAE and Blue Green Algae. The drink is said to alleviate brain fog without making you jittery and/or homicidal. The catch? It's carried now by some Whole Foods locations, but is otherwise hard to come by.

  • Alessi Cocktail Shaker

    Designed in 1957 by Luigi Massoni and Carlo Mazzeri, this Alessi Cocktail Shaker ($88) was part of a line of barware called Programme 4. Made of satin-finished stainless steel, the iconic design features two functional dents in the lid, making it more than just another pretty object for your kitchen or bar.

  • Heineken DraughtKeg

    The Heineken DraughtKeg ($20) combines two of our favorite things — beer and technology. A little shorter than a 2-liter of Pepsi, the 5L DraughtKeg — good for 20 eight-ounce glasses of brew — is the first and only keg with a built-in CO2 pressure system, allowing you to have true draught beer in your fridge. It's also got a patented tapping system that keeps the beer fresh for 30 days after tapping. So when your milk is bad, your lunch meat is smelling funny and your eggs are no longer safe, at least you can still have a frosty one.

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