Brammo Empulse

Have a hankering for Brammo's Enertia Electric Motorcycle but can't deal with the weak 50mph top speed? That's not a problem with the new Brammo Empulse ($10,000 and up). This electric sport bike will be available in three models — the 60 mile ranged 6.0, 80 mile 8.0, and 100 mile 10.0 — all of which can hit 100mph, or fast enough to let you take the bike off the sideroads and onto the freeway. [Thanks, Robert]

  • Custom Batpod

    Yes, that most dangerous two-wheeled of Batman rides can finally be yours. This Custom Batpod ($100,000/obo) is a full scale 1:1 working replica of Batman's motorcycle from The Dark Knight, powered by a high output 650cc 4 stroke, water cooled engine with direct port nitrous injection, sitting on wheels that are 508mm across and complete with custom metal arm guards to hide the controls. Notably, it's not street legal, and will arrive with one chain removed so it won't even be ridable, but considering that only one stunt driver in the world was able to control the one used in the film, perhaps that's not the worst thing, after all. [Thanks, Daniel]

  • Hammarhead Motorcycles

    Designed to evoke the spirit of the lean, powerful motorcycles of the 1950s, Hammarhead Motorcycles ($9,500-$18,500) are affordable, hand-built, rugged rides. Available in three models — the Royal Enfield Electra X-based Woodsman, the Triumph Scrambler-based Jack Pine (pictured), and the Royal Enfield Bullet-based Volta — these simple, sleek machines are quieter than your average chopper, making them perfectly suited to modern urban environments. In other words, chances of waking up neighbors with your late-night Taco Bell runs go way, way down. [Thanks, Jeremy]

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