New Year's resolutions, health goals, and normal fitness trackers not enough to get you up and active? Use shame as your motivation by downloading Cakewalk. This humorous app uses the sensors in your iPhone to track your movement, and sends you a message each morning telling you how much you moved — or how little — the day before. Built-in challenges and a friend-based leaderboard give you added incentives, an Apple Watch app lets you keep track of your progress on your wrist, and if all that isn't enough, you can set the app up to publicly shame you on social media. It's fitness tracking for the lazy.

  • Wild Weather

    Mixing accurate forecast information with hand-drawn illustrations, Wild Weather is a delightful way to keep tabs on the conditions outside. It uses to provide accurate local weather, with a 3-day forecast available with a simple swipe up, along with precipitation, wind speed and direction info. The rest of the time the screen is taken up by animated landscapes depicting the current conditions, with a brief description and the current temp at the top. Even when it's nasty out, it'll have you wanting to check the weather.

  • Sunshine

    No matter how good your local weather service is, there's no one who knows the weather outside better than the people in your own neighborhood. Sunshine leverages this fact to deliver hyper-local weather info in a clean, simple interface. In addition to the reports of those around you, you can submit your own condition updates to improve its accuracy, and it only takes a couple seconds. A slider at the bottom of the main screen lets you quickly check on the forecast, 3D Touch shortcuts make it easy to go straight to the weather at home or work, and smart notifications give you an overview of your day before you even get out of bed.

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