Change Is Good

In the age of iBooks and Kindles, it's rare to see a book whose physical form is nearly as intriguing as the content itself. Such is the case with Change Is Good. Penned by Louis Rossetto, a co-founder and editor of Wired, this novel follows six characters — a CEO, a journalist, an artist, a hacker, a banker, and a dealer — as their stories intersect over the course of a week. At its heart, it's a story about the birth of the Digital Revolution, which makes it all the more interesting that it's being printed in Germany on a Gutenberg printing press, using the first direct-to-plate laser cutter specifically for printing larger size sheets on letterpress. This First Edition will be limited to just 1,000 copies, with a select few available signed by both the author and designer Erik Spiekermann.

  • The Field Study Handbook

    It's not exactly a "self-help" book — after all, most of those are little more than lists of steps to reach pre-determined goals. The Field Study Handbook is more of a guide to seeing the world differently so that you're capable of crafting your own steps and setting your own goals. Penned by the founder of a consultancy that specializes in human behavior, this brilliantly illustrated tome is an excellent way to ensure you make the most of your interactions with people and nature, both at home and abroad, such that you never waste an opportunity to enrich your life.

  • Nothing Left Behind

    It's hard to describe Burning Man if you've never attended. But now, with Nothing Left Behind, Danish photographer Anders Overgaard provides the next best thing. Through his photography, Overgaard gives a rare insight into the festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada that provides visitors with an experience unlike any festival in the world. The art, music, fashion, and scenery are all under the microscope in this hardbound book that includes stories and quotes from famous artists and attendees.

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