Critter Gitter

Like an ATV mixed with a Hummer and given a healthy dose of steroids, the Critter Gitter ($340,000) is an unstoppable force of oversized awesomeness. Weighing in at 13,250 lbs., powered by an 8.2L big-block V8, measuring 30 feet long, and sporting 64-inch tires, these crazy hunting vehicles let you go pretty much anywhere you need to get off the shot, whether you're hunting wild game, wild hog, or large packs of the undead. [Thanks, Tyler]

  • Icon FJ Series

    Born out of a lifelong love for the classic Toyota Land Cruiser, the Icon FJ Series ($126,000 and up) is a modern re-imagining of the legendary off-roader. Available in three body styles, the FJ's features include a standard 5.3 Liter, 350hp V8 engine, four-wheel disc brakes, Dynatrac Dana 60/40 based axles, Marine-rated vinyl on the seats, an Atlas II transfer case, aluminum knobs, sport pedals, an optional soft top, aeronautics-inspired dash panles, and a Teflon polyester hybrid powder coat that can stand up to the worst punishment you can dish out, even if that's just a trip over potholed suburban streets.


    We're not sure exactly why the average off-roader would need a military-spec vehicle, but if you crave the toughest 4x4 around, consider the AEV J8 MILSPEC Jeep (approx. $50,000). Available in four-door or Scrambler-esque two door models, powered by either a 2.8L TurboDiesel or 5.7L HEMI V-8 — installed by a local dealer — and tons of upgrades like a reinforced body and frame, Dana front and rear axles, Dodge Ram brakes, black steel wheels, and a hood-mounted snorkel hooked to a hard core air filter capable of running five hours in a dust storm. Available in all of two colors, are we're guessing you probably tan already know green what they are.

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