Cycleops Fluid2 Trainer

Cycleops Fluid2 Trainer

Whether you're training for a race, or would just rather use your real bike for workouts, it helps to have the best stationary trainer for the job. The Cycleops Fluid2 Trainer ($330) is a bike accesory that attaches to the rear wheel so you can "ride" in the living room while catching up on some Battlestar Gallactica. It offers an infinite resistance curve and a larger flywheel for a more familiar road feel.

  • Don't Bug Me Patch

    If you're gonna be spending some time outdoors this Summer, you might want a few of these. The Don't Bug Me Patch ($8/10 pack) will keep insects like mosquitos, gnats, ticks, and sand fleas away for up to 36 hours. Instead of spraying yourself with nasty-smelling bug repellent, Don't Bug Me uses a transdermal patch which releases an excess of Vitamin B1 into our bloodstream. The same vitamin is excreted through our pores, masking the CO2 mosquitos are drawn to and making us quite unappealing to biting insects.

  • In-Home Sauna

    The benefits of spending time in the sauna are fairly well-known, but what's not well known is that you can get those benefits from your own home. The Infusion Three-Person Infrared Sauna ($2300) features healing infrared heat, a magazine rack, reading lamp, AM/FM stereo with CD player, and a digital control panel for adjusting the temperature or setting the timer — all from a standard 110-volt outlet. [Thanks, Andrew]

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