Eagle Spyder GT

With 30 years experience working with Jaguar E-Types, there are few people more qualified to build their own than Eagle. The Eagle Spyder GT is in fact the company's fourth model, staying true to the spirit of the 1960s classic while adding a few improvements of its own. Its body is decidedly more sleek and lightweight, a fact that helps the 4.7L, 330hp aluminum V6 engine feel that much more spry. The engine is mated to a smooth manual five-speed, and linked with the road by thick wire wheels. The end result is a great-driving car that's perhaps even more beautiful than its inspiration, and well worth the 4,000 hours it takes to build.

  • Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport

    Created to celebrate the launch of the new-look F-Type, the Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport is a limited version of the British marquee's raciest ride. As the name hints, it's powered by a 3.0L supercharged v6 producing 400 ps (roughly 395 hp), made even more potent by a Super Performance braking system, driver-configurable dynamics, and dark satin grey 20-inch wheels. On sale for the 2018 model year only, it also includes the same upgrades as the rest of the lineup, including full-LED headlights, new front bumpers, the Touch Pro infotainment system, and ReRun, a new app developed in collaboration with GoPro that combines footage with real-time metrics like speed, throttle, gear, and G-force in a single video, making it easier than ever to share your on-track exploits.

  • Bentley Continental Supersports

    It's not just the fastest production Bentley ever. It's the fastest, most powerful four-seater in the world. The Bentley Continental Supersports claims these titles thanks to an aerodynamic body and a W12 engine with new high-capacity turbos and a new cooling system. Capable of producing 700 hp, it propels the GT from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, and can hit a top speed of 209. To stop it, it has high-performance carbon ceramic brakes, with the largest discs of their type in the world, and also has an intelligent, rear-biased all-wheel-drive system, forged alloy wheels, and a luxurious interior with all the creature comforts you'd expect. Available in both coupe and convertible versions.

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