Fiskars Quantum Pruner

The name sounds so exciting, and then you get to the last word. And while it's true that pruning bushes, stems, and flowers isn't exactly the most exciting way to pass the time, it's also true that the Fiskars Quantum Pruner is among the best ways to do it. Capable of handling growths up to 1 inch in diameter, it also features adjustable tension that adapts to your hand strength and the material, a precision-ground European steel blade with a coating that keeps it from getting covered with sap, and a lightweight aluminum handle with comfortable — and sustainable — cork pads.

  • Robot Snow Plow

    Why go out and shovel your own driveway when you can get a robot to do it for you? Like an all-weather outdoor Roomba, this Robot Snow Plow takes care of an unpleasant chore while you relax. This six-wheeled unit is powered by six 127 RPM motors, and features an aluminum chassis, a Spektrum DSMX DX6i remote control, 13" tiller tires, 80W headlights for visibility even in the dark, two 55 amp batteries, and a 52" wide plow blade that can make short work of even the longest patches of pavement.

  • Doettling Fortress Safe

    So you've amassed quite the collection of fine timepieces. That's great, but now you need a place to store them where you know they'll be protected. That's where the Doettling Fortress Safe comes in. Offering certified security — up to class VdS/EN 5 — this storage solution is ready for direct connection to a burglar alarm, and offers insurance of over $1,000,000. The luxurious box features eight watch winders and a drawer for jewelry in the main compartment, a Spanish cedar-lined humidor for your best cigars, a hygrometer and a barometer, a clock, two extra mini-safes able to hold three watches a piece, and, as a finishing touch, an exterior coated in the finest calfskin.

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