Framed Tech

Show your love for great tech icons by proudly displaying them on your walls. Framed Tech pays homage to outdated gadgets and vintage consoles by disassembling and arranging them into a modern work of art. Each piece is thoughtfully hung on a 3mm PVC mat and placed in a custom frame. From Ataris to iPhones, the collection has something to accommodate every fanboy.

  • Moon Lunar Globe

    We've had globes of the Earth for ages. It's time our only natural satellite got its due. The Moon Lunar Globe is a truly accurate 1/20 million replica of the Moon featuring every detail — craters, hills, and ridges — in full 3D, created using topographic data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. All that detail does no good if you can't see it, so it has a ring of LED lights that spin around it, illuminating the correct side of the moon, recreating the lunar phases as seen from Earth, and putting every impressive detail into sharp relief. Also available without the lights, and as a larger, 1/11.5 million scale globe.

  • Saw & Mitre

    Taking photos is easier then its ever been. But properly displaying them is a chore most of us put off or don't do at all. Saw & Mitre know that the process of picking a frame isn't easy, and are aiming to simplify it with the Wood Block & Print. Their beautiful wood blocks are a perfect way to display great photographs, using wood sourced from high-quality timber and handmade in Vermont. Each block also includes an expertly printed photograph mounted on a sturdy, warp resistant styrene board and finished with a subtle linen texture. Shipping is free to the U.S. and print refill packs are also available to make swapping out photos easy.

    Presented by Saw & Mitre.

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