Fuck This Book

Fuck This Book

Fuck This Book ($10) collects photos of public signs that have been enhanced with the queen-mother of dirty words. Stuff like "Please don't [fuck] the pigeons" or "Employees must [fuck] hands before returning to work." Simple but affective. You can also order Fuck These Postcards ($10) and share the profaneness with your friends.

  • Playboy December 1953 Reprint

    They're going for upwards of two grand on eBay, but you can get an exact, Marilyn-rific reproduction for a lot less. The Playboy December 1953 Reprint ($25) lets you own the first issue of Playboy ever, with every article, advertisement and photograph — including Ms. Monroe as the centerfold — just as the original was sold over half a century ago. There's only 20,000 copies of this replica printed, so you might want to hurry.

  • Mistakes Men Make

    We all know about common male mistakes, and we're all guilty of making them from time to time. Mistakes Men Make ($11) is a guide to avoiding these chick-flick cliches, packed with tips and do's and don'ts, covering everything from home decor to personal hygiene in a hilarious fashion. Written by About.com men's fashion and grooming guru Daniel Billett, it's sure to help you become more, well, mistake-less. Or something.

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