Garmin Forerunner 405

Garmin Forerunner 405

Garmin has finally made a GPS watch that doesn't make it look like you've got a clock radio strapped to your arm. The very wearable Forerunner 405 ($300) is a fitness watch that runners can use to track speed, distance, calories, heart rate and location. When you're back from your jog, the 405 will wirelessly send the data to your computer. There's even a Virtual Partner feature that lets you "compete" when running alone.

  • The Handler

    Even though flu season over, there's still many of us that cringe at the thought of what lurks on public door handles. If you don't mind looking a little OCD, The Handler ($11) is here to save you from the germs. This keychain-size device lets you open doors without skin contact, and is made with Nano Silvers that instantly kill most bacteria and viruses.

  • Don't Bug Me Patch

    If you're gonna be spending some time outdoors this Summer, you might want a few of these. The Don't Bug Me Patch ($8/10 pack) will keep insects like mosquitos, gnats, ticks, and sand fleas away for up to 36 hours. Instead of spraying yourself with nasty-smelling bug repellent, Don't Bug Me uses a transdermal patch which releases an excess of Vitamin B1 into our bloodstream. The same vitamin is excreted through our pores, masking the CO2 mosquitos are drawn to and making us quite unappealing to biting insects.

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