iGrill Mini

Keep careful track of whatever you're grilling, even when you're in another part of your house, with the iGrill Mini. This connected meat thermometer communicates over Bluetooth with an app on your phone, alerting you when your meat reaches your desired level of done-ness. With pre-installed settings for a range of different meats — whether you're smoking ribs or grilling a steak — you'll know instantly when your food is ready to eat. And with 150 hours of battery life, and the ability to magnetically attach to your grill, you can always rely on it to make sure your food is cooked perfectly.

  • Grillbot

    Grilling outside? Nice weather? Good company? Tasty food? All great things. Cleaning your grill after a summertime get together? Pretty much as far removed from that as possible. Which is why they created the Grillbot. This automatic grill cleaning robot features three wire brushes attached to three strong electric motors that work together to clean away burnt-on crud, an alarm and timer to let you know when it's finished, a smart CPU that controls the movement, speed, and direction of the brushes, a rechargeable battery, and dead-simple push-button operation.

  • Refuel Smart Propane Tank

    If you grill with gas, chances are you've been there — you get all the necessary stuff together, and are all set to cook up a great dinner, when you realize you've run out of gas. But with the Refuel Smart Propane Tank you can leave these problems in the past, because you'll always know how much propane you have left. It uses a waterproof scale to keep track of your propane levels, wirelessly transmitting the information to an app on your phone. An included wired indicator attaches magnetically to your grill, so you can tell at a glance when it's time to fill your tank, even without pulling out your phone.

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