Jaguar Future-Type Concept

If electric cars are the near future, autonomous cars are just over the horizon. A fleet of on-demand electric autonomous cars, arriving at your door when summoned, are the next logical step — and Jaguar is preparing for it with the Future-Type concept. Jaguar's vision sees the current decline in car ownership, coupled with the rise of ride-sharing services, and presents an opportunity to experience Jaguar even for those that don't own one. A centerpiece of the concept is the Sayer — an intelligent steering wheel that acts as an Alexa coupled to the Jaguar service. The Sayer will be the proof of membership, allowing customers to use Jaguar's innovative service.

  • Mini Electric Concept

    Translating the brand's iconic design for an emission-free future, the Mini Electric Concept makes subtle yet important tweaks to the classic silhouette. Its grille retains its hexagonal shape but is closed off to improve aerodynamics, while the circular headlamp assemblies are filled with distinctive LED lamps. The brake lights see updates as well, with half the Union Jack visible as an LED dot matrix, and the 3D-printed inlays in the 19-inch wheels recall the fiberglass structure of the air deflectors while continuing the car's contrasting use of matte and glossy surfaces. While the company claims the car represents a "near-term vision," it's unlikely to see production in its current form.

  • Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

    The original Maybach 6 gave us a glimpse at what Mercedes' ultra-luxury brand's flagship coupe could be. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet does the same for a drop-top. It's powered by an electric drive system producing 750 hp with a range of over 200 miles. Similarly advanced is the interior, with a display strip that runs from the rear across the doors and all the way across the dash. Most striking, however, is the art deco-inspired exterior design, with its oversized hood and grill, yacht-like boat tail rear, 24-inch alloy wheels, and 20-foot length. Like its hard-topped sibling, it's unlikely to see production anytime soon.

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